Kallivaaran Lähihunaja

Honey from Kallivaara is true local produce from Ylitornio. The honey is harvested between Ylitornio and Mellajärvi.  We produce up to 2,000 kg of honey annually.

Our products include:

– Crystallised honey 450 g, €9.50

– Liquid honey 350 g, €7.50

You can also order our products via post or pick them up from the farm.

Get to know beekeeping

We also organise beehive tours for small groups (max. 6 participants). Includes necessary clothing and protection, as well as product tasting. Duration 2 hours. Price €10/person. We organise tours from June to mid-August.


We produce Italian and Buckfast queens. We also sell bee colonies.


Further information

Kallivaaran Lähihunaja

Kallivaarantie 146
95600 Ylitornio
+358 40 739 1955


- Suitable for families
- Suitable for couples