Sensational Ylitornio


Ylitornio sits in the rural Tornio River Valley, on land that has traditionally been cultivated. The landscape is dominated by the Tornio River and the surrounding rugged tree-covered hills. Ylitornio is located in the Southwest corner of the Province of Lapland and it is home to some 4,400 people. The land area is 2,212 km², making the population density about 2 people per km². The neighbouring municipalities are Pello, Rovaniemi, Tervola and Tornio on the Finnish side and Övertorneå in Sweden.

Together, Finland’s Ylitornio and the Swedish Övertorneå form a historically, linguistically and culturally unique totality. Three languages, Finnish, Swedish and Meänkieli, are spoken in the region.

Ylitornio is served by good traffic connections. Highway 21 bypasses the centre on the west side and the town’s main street, Alkkulanraitti, is not far removed from the highway. A lot of shops and services can be found on Alkkulanraitti.

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