Pekanpää nature trail

1. Name of route

Pekanpää nature trail.

2. Length and suitability for day outings and weekend or week-long hikes

1.4 km. Suitable for day outings.

3. Required level of ability

Demanding because there are no route markings, otherwise easy.

4. Seasonal suitability

For summer use.

5. Amenities

Lean-to shelter N66 11.975 E23 47.320.

6. Estimated time consumption

30-60 minutes.

7. Suitable outdoor activity types


8. Route conditions, associated risks and appropriate gear

There’s a real possibility of getting lost on the section of the trail that goes north from the lean-to shelter because there are no route markings and the trail itself can’t be seen. We recommend that you return from the shelter to the starting point the same way you came. The rocky patches and boardwalks can be dangerously slippery when wet.

9. Natural and cultural environment

Situated inside the Rousuvaara nature park, this trail brings visitors to an old forest with a thousand-year heritage of human habitation. A fantastic view over the Tornio River Valley opens from the summit.

10. Getting there

Torniontie road 1570, parking lot next to a sports field. N66 12.085 E23 47.712.

11. Responsible for maintenance

Municipality of Ylitornio, tel. +358 400 220 367

12. Other info for users

Coordinates WGS84. Tourist information and local service providers at