Aavasaksa scenic path


1. Name of route

Aavasaksa scenic path. Kruununkierros (Crown Tour) trail, Kruununpuisto Park.

2. Length and suitability for day outings and weekend or week-long hikes

Several route options ranging from 400 to 2,600 metres. This path is suitable for day outings.

3. Required level of ability

Easy; the path includes boardwalks and gravel-covered parts.

4. Seasonal suitability

For summer use.

5. Amenities

Keisarinmaja (Imperial Lodge) N66 23.856 E23 43.510 Observation tower N66 23.868 E23 43.513 Cafeteria and outdoor stage N66 23.916 E23 43.507 Kruununkierros lean-to shelter, shed and dry toilet N66 23.686 E23 43.512 Accessible observation platform N66 23.960 E23 43.492.

6. Estimated time consumption

You should set aside 1-3 hours to walk the path and see the attractions.

7. Suitable outdoor activity types


8. Route conditions, associated risks and appropriate gear

The rocky patches and boardwalks can be dangerously slippery when wet.

9. Natural and cultural environment

Visitors will come across Lapland’s oldest travel destination on this path. The view from the summit overlooks the beautiful Tornio River Valley and its hill and ridge ranges. One of the measuring points of the Struve Geodetic Arc, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is located at the highest point of the hill.

10. Getting there

Several starting points along the Aavasaksantie road. Aurinkomajat holiday village N66 23.369 E23 43.799, main signpost and parking lot N66 23.686 E23 43.512.

11. Responsible for maintenance

Municipality of Ylitornio, tel. +358 400 220 367

12. Other info for users

Coordinates WGS84. Tourist information and local service providers at www.ylitornio.fi