Skiing trails between Aavasaksa and Ainiovaara

There are a little less than 40 km of trails in total, of which 11 km are lit. The skiing trails start at the Ainiovaara and Aavasaksa ski resorts, either in front of the Aurinkomajat cottages or at the bottom of the ski slopes. The trails are fit for both classic and freestyle cross-country skiing. The routes differ in terms of their difficulty and terrain, and some are intended for advanced skiers. There are campfire sites and other food and drink options along the routes. Please be careful when crossing roads.

Trail lengths:

Aavasaksa trail 5.6 km
Ainiovaara–Aavasaksa trail 10.7 km
Ainiovaara–Aavasaksa trail 5.7 km (lit)
Mustinlenkki 5.1 km (lit)
Hietakangas–Laatas–Hietakangas 3.6 km
Ainiovaara–Ehovaara–Ainiovaara 7.2 km

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