Tikanpesä opens after renovation






Loma-Vietonen Oy is a family business that has served customers on the shore of Lake Vietonen in Ylitornio for 32 years. When the company was founded in 1984, the only building on the premises was the main building, which represents the Peräpohjola architectural style and which had been moved to the area from Lake Melkosjärvi. The company increased its accommodation capacity slowly but steadily, balancing between the growing demand and the funds it had. The vacation village was completed ten years later, and all the cabins and buildings that were built then are still in active use today.

In order to offer optimal customer service and high quality accommodation, we must renovate our cabins and houses from time to time.

The latest renovation took place in summer 2016 in the Tikanpesä cabin. Tikanpesä is a family cabin that can accommodate up to six adults and three children. It is located just 30 metres from the shore of Lake Vietonen. The terrace overlooks the beautiful lake, offering tranquil views in the summer and the amazing Northern Lights in the winter. The renovated cabin has received excellent feedback from our customers.


Downstairs 50 m2, upstairs 30 m2. One bedroom downstairs with a bunk bed: single bed on top and a double bed underneath. There is a sofa bed for two in the living room. The sauna, shower, toilet, fireplace and kitchen are also located downstairs. A double bed upstairs plus a sofa bed for two children, shower and toilet. The upper floor has a separate entrance.

For more information and reservations, please contact tuija@lomavietonen.com