Lapland’s oldest travel destination, Aavasaksa Hill, is located about 10 km to the north of Ylitornio town centre. The hill, which rises 242 metres above sea level, is a well-known scenic attraction and vantage point. Visitors can admire one of Finland’s official national landscapes from the summit. A four-kilometre nature trail goes around the hill in this exceptionally beautiful setting.

Today’s Aavasaksa offers accommodation, a small ski centre, a cafeteria-restaurant, an observation tower and the Keisarinmaja (Imperial Lodge) museum, which is housed in a villa built in 1882. The hill is the southernmost point in Finland where the midnight sun can be seen during the summer solstice. A French Academy of Sciences expedition led by Pierre Maupertuis came to Aavasaksa to perform geophysical measurements in 1736.

Kruununnäyttämö stage for outdoor performances, audience capacity 200.


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