Aavasaksa Lapland

Aavasaksa Lapland covers a large part of the Tornio River Valley. In addition to pristine nature, the area’s tree-covered hills and water bodies offer travellers fantastic opportunities to engage in various recreational activities. The Tornio River defines the region. It is the last free-flowing major river in all of Europe. Rugged, forested hills dominate the landscape on both the Swedish and the Finnish side of the border. The valley’s flora is lush, while the hilltops are barren like the tundra.

Come here to enjoy the authentic atmosphere, beautiful nature and all the opportunities it brings. The Tornio River Valley also has its own unique cultural heritage and forms a unified dialect continuum. This emphasises the unity of the culture on both sides of the river. Some refer to the region as Meänmaa, which means Our Land in the local dialect. The Aavasaksa Lapland travel pages will provide you with a wealth of information about local accommodation providers, restaurants, shops, visit attractions and events. The Municipality of Ylitornio maintains this service in cooperation with local travel businesses and it is an integral aspect of the region’s joint marketing effort.


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