Vaarasaari camping trail

1. Name of route
Vaarasaari camping trail

2. Route length and type
This circular camping trail is about 6 km long.

3. Classification

4. Season

5. Route amenities
The path is marked in the terrain with orange paint. Boardwalks cover the wetland sections of this trail. Hietalahti and Mustalahti are equipped with lean-to shelters, campfire spots, outhouse toilets and jetties. Both lean-to shelters are next to sandy beaches, which are ideal for swimming.

6. Estimated time to cover route
About 3 hours.

7. Suitable activities

8. Natural and cultural environment
Forest and bog alternate across Vaarasaari. The trail also passes a small pond. Sheep graze on the island in summertime.

9. Getting there
Start circumnavigating the trail by coming ashore in Mustalahti or Hietalahti near the lean-to shelters.

10. Responsibility for route maintenance

11. Other information
This route is on an island, so you’ll need access to water transport of some kind to visit it.