Sompanen nature trail

1. Name of route

Sompanen nature trail.

2. Length and suitability for day outings and weekend or week-long hikes

5.2 km. This trail is suitable for day outings.

3. Required level of ability

Medium. The trail includes longish ascents and descents as well as short, rocky parts that are difficult to traverse.

4. Seasonal suitability

For summer use.

5. Amenities

Kota shelter, shed, campfire spot and dry toilet. N66 35.232 E24 33.388. Accommodation in the area is provided by Loma-Vietonen, FI-95675 Meltosjärvi, tel. +358 40 728 6751

6. Estimated time consumption

2-3 hours.

7. Suitable outdoor activity types


8. Route conditions, associated risks and appropriate gear

The trail is marked well with orange posts and painted symbols on the rocky sections. Smooth rock surfaces can be slippery when wet. We recommend footwear that provides ankle support.

9. Natural and cultural environment

The Sompanen hill used to rise over an ancient sea. Its top is covered by an old spruce forest and below it are smooth rocky surfaces that mark the shoreline of the bygone sea. The unique natural environment of Sompanen is great for an outing. A magnificent view over the surrounding terrain opens from the summit.

10. Getting there

Liinankijärventie parking lot and starting point: N66 34.359 E24 33.537 from Raanujärventie road 932 about 4.2 km west on Liinankijärventie.

11. Responsible for maintenance


12. Other info for users

The trail is connected to the Lake Mieko route, which is marked with white symbols, and Orhinselänniemi. This increases the total distance to about 9 km.

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