Miekojärvi-Vietonen hiking trail

1. Name of route
Miekojärvi-Vietonen hiking trail, known locally as Mikko’s Path.

2. Route length and type
The hiking trail is about 23 km long, but this is divided into shorter sections.

3. Classification

4. Season

5. Route amenities
The route is marked in the terrain with white paint and wooden posts. Kota and lean-to shelters and campfire spots at Orhinselänniemi. Lean-to shelter and campfire spot in Raakonlahti. Sompasenvaara has a kota shelter, which is beside a spring, firewood shed, open campfire spot and outhouse toilet.

6. Estimated time to cover route
1-2 days.

7. Suitable activities
Walking, hiking

8. Natural and cultural environment
The hiking path traverses across a landscape of tree-covered hills and passes the peaks of Raakonvaara and Lehtilaki hills, among others.

9. Getting there
The route can be accessed from the Sompanen nature trail or from Lake Mieko at Orhinselänniemi or the Mäntylaki parking lot.

10. Responsibility for route maintenance