Kainuunkylä lighted ski tracks/exercise path

1. Name of route

Kainuunkylä lighted ski tracks/exercise path.

2. Length and suitability for day outings and weekend or week-long hikes

2.7 km point to point. Round trip 5.4 km. Suitable for fitness workouts and day outings.

3. Required level of ability

Medium. Occasional steep ascents and descents.

4. Seasonal suitability


5. Amenities

Lighted tracks, lean-to shelter where the route intersects with the snowmobile trail to Ainiovaara at N66 14.481 E23 45.556.

6. Estimated time consumption

About 20 minutes by ski and 40 minutes on foot.

7. Suitable outdoor activity types

Classic and skate skiing, walking and running.

8. Route conditions, associated risks and appropriate gear

Some ascents and descents are quite steep, but short. Possibility of falling. The snowmobile trail to Ainiovaara intersects with the path and this can cause hazardous situations. Always observe caution when crossing the railway tracks. 

9. Natural and cultural environment

This hilly track traverses a beautiful tree-covered landscape. The path is connected to the Aurinkovaarojen jotos trail network.

10. Getting there

From road E8 drive 460 metres to the northeast along Huitaperintie to N66 14.515 E23 45.143 or the old school in Kainuunkylä at N66 13.820 E23 45.891. Recycling point on site.

11. Responsible for maintenance

Municipality of Ylitornio.