Jaipaljukka nature trail

1. Name of route
Jaipaljukka nature trail.

2. Route length and type
The circular Jaipaljukka nature trail is 4 km long and signposted. It crosses over diverse forest environment.

3. Classification
Moderately challenging. The wettest sections of the trail are covered by boardwalks. Follow the signposts and you’ll find it easy to stay on this path.

4. Season

5. Route amenities
Finnish-language information boards along the route. Kota shelter, outhouse toilet.

6. Estimated time to cover route
2 hours.

7. Suitable activities

8. Natural and cultural environment
The large rock formation of Jaipaljukka was created by the combined forces of tectonic plate movement and thawing ice near the end of the last Ice Age. The path passes habitats ranging from lush groves to dry peaty forests and an experimental patch of planted foreign tree species. Also near the path are the rocky remains of an ancient rapids that were shaped by Ice Age melting waters. A path to the ancient rapids (600 m) forks from the nature trail and continues further to road 83.

9. Getting there
About 8 km from Pello towards Rovaniemi.

10. Responsibility for route maintenance

11. Other information
The route starts from a parking lot along the Salmilompolo road. Bring drinking water with you, there is none available at the kota.