1. Name of route


2. Route length and suitability

3.6 km one way, 7.2 km return. Suitable for fitness activities and day outings.

3. Required level of ability

Moderately demanding.

4. Seasonal suitability

Winter route.

5. Estimated time consumption

Some 1-2 hours by ski.

6. Suitable outdoor activity types

Classic and skate skiing.

7. Route conditions, associated risks and appropriate equipment

This route is far from habitation, so it is a good idea to bring a mobile phone.

8. Natural and cultural environment

Wilderness sceneries.

9. Getting there

The parking lot of the Ainiovaara ski centre, N66 19.089 E23 41.498. Ski the Ainiovaara illuminated ski tracks counter-clockwise for about 3.1 km to Hietakangas, where this trail begins.

10. Responsible for maintenance

Municipality of Ylitornio