Eero’s Path

1. Name of route
Eero’s Path.

2. Route length and type
1.6 km circular route.

3. Classification
A person who is basically fit can ascend the top of the hill.

4. Season

5. Route amenities
Lean-to shelter, campfire spot, scenic tower and outhouse toilet.

6. Estimated time to cover route
1.5 hours.

7. Suitable activities

8. Natural and cultural environment
The path showcases the life of ski champion Eero Mäntyranta. Share his experiences while walking to the summit of Pallistajavaara, where a glorious view awaits.

9. Getting there
The route is located about 25 km from Pello towards Rovaniemi. The path is marked with arrow-shaped signs.

10. Responsibility for route maintenance

11. Other information
A scenic tower along the path introduces the places where a French scientific exhibition went to perform meridian arc measurements in 1736-37.