Aurinko- vaarojen Jotos

1. Name of route

Aurinkovaarojen Jotos

2. Length and suitability for day outings and weekend or week-long hikes

This hiking trail crosses over tree-covered hills that are more than 200 metres tall. The entire trail covers a distance of about 50 km.
The Aurinkovaarojen Jotos trail meanders across the terrain on the southern side of Aavasaksa. Hikers can pick routes of varying length, but touring the entire trail from Kainuunkylä school to Kivivaara and then on to Ainiovaara will cover some 50 km. The Finnish name of this hiking trail refers to the sun (aurinko) and tree-covered hills (vaarat); accordingly, it passes through hills that soar more than 200 metres over the national landscape of the Tornio River Valley.

3. Required level of ability

Demanding. The route includes steep descents and ascents.

4. Seasonal suitability


5. Amenities

The route is equipped with one rental cabin (Eholampi), 2 wilderness huts, 2 kota shelters, 4 lean-to shelters and 2 campfire spots.

6. Estimated time consumption

Walking the entire route will take 2 days

7. Suitable outdoor activity types


8. Route conditions, associated risks and appropriate gear

The trail is marked with white signs, but some may be missing because of vandalism. Hikers should bring a map and compass.

9. Natural and cultural environment

The trail crosses over rugged rocky hills and provides a magnificent view over Aavasaksa and elsewhere in the river valley. This is your chance to see a slice of old Finland (reindeer herders huts, reindeer corrals and slaughter grounds, etc.) and the national landscape of the Tornio River Valley. With luck, you’ll come across an elk, a capercaillie pair or even a Eurasian eagle-owl, and in autumn you may also encounter a reindeer flock.

10. Getting there

Good places to start this trail are the Ainiovaara ski centre or the Kainuunkylä school.

11. Responsible for maintenance

Municipality of Ylitornio

12. Other info for users

A refurbished old logging cabin with sauna can be reserved at Eholampi during the summer season. A kota barbecue shelter is also available. Can accommodate about 30 people. Bookings: Leena Salminen, +358 50 490 0581,