Ylitornio church

Ylitornio Church was built in 1940. The outbreak of the Winter War slowed construction. The majority of the building work had to be completed by women because the men were called to the front. This is why the church is often referred to as the Women’s Church. The church was designed by the architect G.A. Wahlroos with Mr Kustaa Räihä supervising the building effort. The pews seat 550 worshippers.

The church was consecrated on 14 July 1940. During the consecration, Vicar L.P. Tapaninen declared his hope that “The gospel of Jesus Christ shall echo under the vaults of the church with purity and strength, so that the congregation’s hearts may open with confidence to receive the experience of faith.”

The steeple dates back to the earlier church building and was built in 1819, making it probably the oldest building still in use in Ylitornio. The altarpiece was painted by J. Hedman in 1818. A monument to fallen war heroes stands in the churchyard. It was created by the sculptor Kalervo Kallio and is called The praying mother. The military section of the cemetery is the final resting place for 222 fallen soldiers from Ylitornio.


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