The Imperial Lodge (Keisarinmaja) is the oldest building for tourism in Lapland; it was built in 1882 on the hill for visitors to the area. Refreshments were served in the lodge and it also provided shelter in bad weather. The hunting lodge was given the name Imperial Lodge in preparation for a visit to Lapland by the Tsar of Russia and the Grand Duke of Finland. A visit to Aavasaksa was planned as part of the Tsar’s itinerary but due to the unstable political situation at the time, the Tsar’s visit was cancelled. The lodge represents a mixed romantic style with a blend of neoclassic, Karelian, Byzantine and Viking overtones. The pillars and arches are decorative, the wall panels are patterned and the rich carvings on the decorated window surroundings have ornamentation reminiscent of Karelia. Some of the furnishings in the lodge are original. The lodge is owned by Metsähallitus and its use is supervised by the National Board of Antiquities.

The Imperial Lodge is open in summer and it houses exhibitions.

Viewing tower (1969)

A viewing tower built in the organic modernist style of the 1960s stands on the highest point of Aavasaksa hill. The 13-metre-high red brick tower was built by the Tornio Valley Tourism Association, and it was later roofed over with glass in 2004. Steps lead to the roof from where you can see a stunning panoramic view across the Tornio valley. The tower is open to the public all year round.

Apothecary kiosk 1912

Art Nouveau-style kiosk, which has build for pharmacist Hannes Borg from Tornio. City of Tornio has bought it and donated to Ylitornio.


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