Cottages and camping areas

Arctic Camping
The Arctic Camping campsite is located on the Arctic Circle. Our cosy facility was just renovated and we provide a great place for the whole family to rest when on the road.
We offer accommodation and tourism services along the Torne river in Aavasaksa, Ylitornio, in Finnish Lapland. Our service range includes accommodation in our main building’s double rooms, in cottages for 2 to 4 people and at our caravan site with service facilities.
Norrsken Lodge
Give space to let the arctic free your senses. Have a fantastic time at Norrsken Lodge.
Pahtajärvi vacation village
Pahtajärvi vacation village is a village of four cottages, but each cottage also offers peace and quiet.
The Aavaloma holiday village sits a top Aavasaksa Hill in a heritage landscape of stunning natural beauty.
Midnight Sun Cottages Aavasaksa
The holiday village offers 14 cottages as well as some separate rooms. The level of amenities varies according to cottage size; the larger ones have a fireplace.
Resort Centre Karemajat
Resort centre Karemajat provides accommodation services with a 58-bed capacity in two-, three- and four-bed apartments and four-bed cottages that are all equipped with essential modern amenities.
Alavainio is in a rural setting and its grounds contain a heritage homestead, barn, smoke sauna, guest house and a shoreside cottage.
Lohijärven Eräkeskus
We provide a splendid setting for a relaxed stay in summer or in winter and offer a stimulating environment for fishermen, bird watchers and nature photographers, among others.
Loma-Vietonen is blue-hued twilight moments behind a screen window, soft silence and tranquillity, lyrical evenings in the sauna, sunny boat trips.
Napapiirin Järvilomat
Our pleasant holiday destination is set in an authentic rural environment in Ylitornio's Raanujärvi, on the shore of the beautiful Lake Iso-Vietonen.
Niuron mökit
These semi-detached cottages are located on the bank of the River Tornio, close to the services of Ylitornio town centre.
Two separate cottages for year-round use. The yard is shared, making this a good place for a large family or two families.